When Oral Surgery Is Necessary

When Oral Surgery Is Necessary

The thought of oral surgery can be a little daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. 

When you visit SPA Dental Group for your dental concerns, our teams provide the highest level of care for your oral health. We’re expert oral surgeons that first consider all dentistry techniques before recommending oral surgery. 

We have two locations — one in the midtown east area of Manhattan, New York, and one in Washington, DC, where we perform thousands of procedures. We stay on the cutting-edge of our industry, offering advanced oral surgery procedures to give you the best experience and most successful outcome.

If your dental issue can’t be fixed using certain dental practices, we may recommend oral surgery for you to experience a full recovery from your condition.

Conditions that might need oral surgery

There are many reasons why oral surgery might be your best option. Here are some of the most common ones:

Impacted teeth

Your wisdom teeth, also called your third molars, should break through your gum line and come into position. But, if there’s not enough room for them to emerge, or if they simply never come out, they are impacted, which can cause infection, sore gums, damage to your nearby teeth, and even your bone. In this case, we perform oral surgery to extract your impacted teeth.

Jaw-joint problems

In many situations, medications, physical therapy, and splints can cure issues with your jaw joint. But, in advanced cases, oral surgery might be the best remedy to correct your problem.

Teeth misalignment issues

In most cases, braces or clear aligners can straighten misaligned teeth. However, if you have an excessive overbite or underbite from tooth or jaw misalignment that causes chewing and swallowing issues, oral surgery can move your upper and lower jaw into better positioning for proper functionality. 

Sleep and breathing issues

Typically, if you suffer from sleep apnea, we may recommend a CPAP machine or an appliance that opens your airways. If we determine that the blockage to your breathing comes from a part of your mouth or nasal passage, surgery allows us to remove soft tissues from targeted areas that cause the problem.


If you have a missing tooth, a dental implant can be surgically placed into your jaw bone, which takes several months to properly heal. We then place an abutment over your implant and restore your tooth with a crown that attaches to it.

Other reasons for oral surgery

We can also provide oral surgery for additional reasons, such as:

We can also perform surgery to remove cancers of the mouth, salivary glands, sinuses, throat, larynx, and lips.

No matter your reason for needing oral surgery, you can feel confident that our team can treat you with superior expertise, experience, and care.

If you detect dental concerns of any kind, call the SPA Dental Group location that’s nearest you or book your appointment online with one of our teams today.

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