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When dental emergencies happen, it’s good to know that you have a team that you can trust. Shebani Pahwa, DDS, Maham Siddiqui, DDS, Samantha Ben-Ezra, DMD, and the team at SPA Dental Group in Midtown East, Manhattan in New York City and Washington, DC, have years of experience handling a wide range of emergency dental care needs. To learn more, call or use the online scheduling feature to book your first appointment today.

Emergency Dental Care Q&A

What is emergency dental care?

Most dental work can be planned and scheduled ahead of time to be as convenient as possible. However, just as in other areas of health, unexpected dental emergencies can and do occur. A dental emergency is a time-sensitive and urgent dental issue that requires prompt professional care. There are countless possible dental emergencies, each with its own challenges and solutions.  

While any health emergency is stressful, knowing you have a reliable and experienced dentist to provide emergency dental care can help alleviate a lot of the stress. The expert team at SPA Dental Group has a long history of providing prompt and effective emergency dental care, helping patients recover quicker and get back to doing the things they love. 

What are common dental emergencies?

There are many dental emergencies that can affect your teeth, gums, jawbone, connective tissues, and more. Common dental emergencies include:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Knocked-out teeth 
  • Loose teeth
  • Toothaches
  • Tooth infection
  • Objects caught between teeth
  • Lost crown
  • Lost filling
  • Broken braces
  • Soft tissue injuries to the tongue, cheek, gums, or lips
  • Abscess

It’s important to get professional dental care in a timely manner to prevent long-term damage. Some dental emergencies are painful and finding adequate pain relief is important. No matter the cause, the team at SPA Dental Group quickly works to address your dental emergency in a supportive environment.  

What should I expect at my appointment?

SPA Dental Group makes it easy for patients to get timely emergency dental care by making time in their schedule to handle unexpected emergencies. They first conduct a thorough examination to determine the issue and the best course of treatment. 

Based on this assessment, they perform any procedures or operations necessary to prevent further damage and alleviate pain. Treatment varies depending on the type of dental emergency. The team at SPA Dental Group also works to educate their patients on any follow-up care that may be needed.

To learn more about emergency dental care and how you can prepare for the unexpected, call SPA Dental Group or use the online scheduling feature to book your appointment today.