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Oftentimes, the best dental treatment is preventing the issue from occurring in the first place. Shebani Pahwa, DDS, Maham Siddiqui, DDS, Samantha Ben-Ezra, DMD, and the team at SPA Dental Group in Midtown East, Manhattan, in New York City and in Washington, DC, emphasize preventive care, helping patients maintain healthy smiles and avoid more in-depth treatments down the road. To learn how you can benefit from preventive dental care, call or use the online booking feature to schedule an appointment today.

Preventive Care Q&A

What is preventive dental care?

Many dental conditions don’t develop overnight. Some problems only occur after years of improper oral care and neglect. Fortunately, this means that maintaining good oral care habits and receiving proper preventive dental care can help to ensure your oral health for years to come. Proper oral care habits can also reduce the chances that you'll need more invasive oral surgeries or procedures down the road. 

Preventive dental care is a term that encompasses many procedures and treatments. Each is designed to help protect your teeth from decay, prevent gingivitis or periodontal disease, and maintain the overall health and wellness of your mouth. 

SPA Dental Group thoughtfully designed their dental offices to provide patients with expert preventive care in a relaxing and comforting environment by including relaxing dental chairs, tasteful art and furniture, and a convenient in-office refreshment station. 

What are common preventive dental care treatments?

In addition to regular brushing and flossing, preventive dental care encompasses a wide range of treatments, including:

  • General cleaning
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Dental sealants
  • Deep cleaning
  • Night guards and mouth guards

Each of these treatments and procedures is designed to address a different issue. Fluoride treatments and sealants help prevent tooth decay and the formation of cavities. General cleanings and deep cleanings are crucial to prevent or reverse the formation of gingivitis or periodontal disease, while night guards or mouth guards help protect your teeth and jaw during sports activity or sleep. 

What should I expect at my appointment?

Each appointment is a little different, depending on your needs. The expert team at SPA Dental Group conducts a thorough examination of your mouth and determines which treatments are right for your unique situation. Routine general cleanings are recommended as part of any proper preventive care plan. 

The steps you take now to protect your oral health will pay huge dividends in the future by helping to ensure you don’t need more in-depth treatments. 

To learn more about preventive dental care and how you can help protect your oral health, call or use the online booking feature to schedule an appointment with SPA Dental Group today.